Gas Monitoring System

The gas monitoring systems widely used in Australian underground mines are:

  • Tube Bundel System ( ACARP report C 3076)
  • Telemetry System ( ACARP report C 3076)

    Advantages of Tube Bundel System

    Disadvantages of Tube Bundel system

    • Continious monitoring

    • Monitoring of full range of gases

    • Sometimes difficult to locate damage which cause leakage and oxygen to enter system

    • Requires frequent auditing of system

    • Can have time delay in gas readings as the tubes become longer, which in turn may be more prone to damage

    Advantages of Telemetry system

    Disadvantages of Telemetry system

    • Continious reading

    • can have gas and air velocity set up from the same sensor point with one system

    • Limited gas can be monitored

    • If mine power goes down, then system is on battery backup, which has limited life